Lepton Scooters

Nov 25, 2011

Lights on dash come on but that's all that happens. I'm trying to find out why my electric moped (Lepton Oxygen) stopped working. Electric Motorsport the leading edge in electric motor bikes and scooters. When our first shipment of scooters arrived at the shop we couldn't resist LEPTON ELECTRIC SCOOTERS. Somewhat surprised at the amount of interest (last glance had over 220 hits) regarding the lepton scooter for sale on e-bay . http://cgi.ebay. Lepton Oxygen Italian electric motor scooter. Jonathan emailed Michael for his opinion on the Lepton Oxygen electric motorbike that he purchased from NYCeWheels.

Lepton Scooters

  • NoGas Nashville is the premiere source of electric scooters in the greater Nashville area.
  • My experience with electric scooters is confined to an EGo and an Oxygen Lepton and the EVD/eFun D is in a totally different class.
  • I've owned an SLA powered Lepton scooter now for a couple of months.
  • The Lepton Oxygen Electric Motorbike is an Italian-made electric motorcycle.
  • It can go 25 miles on a single charge and has enough torque to go 20 mph on a flat.
  • I’ve got an Oxygen Lepton-e electric scooter, and I love it. Insurance is $450 a year for ridiculously complete coverage and it costs me about $10 a month to charge.

More information about Lepton Scooters on the site: http://www.scootermoped.net

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